About Hunts, Inc.

9:21 AM Posted by Josephine Winslet

Hunts, Inc. has been created to offer the hunters of Second Life quality prizes and the opportunity to discover stores that they may not have known of before. We are looking for stores carrying various products, from clothing to poses to furniture. We intend to run up to 6 hunts a year, varying in themes and prizes offered.

Our first hunt will be an adult product Hunt. Stores being invited will include products such as furniture, clothing, animations, accessories, anything naughty.

Future hunts will range in theme and participants. Even if one hunt isnt necessarily your cup of tea, so to speak, another may be. Instead of needing to join several hunt groups, all future hunts will be run using Hunts, Inc.’s general groups.

Why participate? Hunts can be a terrific source of traffic for your sim and store. It’s also a great way to draw in future shoppers and bring back past ones. Hunts can also be a great way to draw attention to new lines or product and reach a large number of customers for news about your store.

You, as a vendor, will be provided with as much support as possible. This will come in forms of group notices and notecards detailing what to expect as the hunt draws near as well as information on future hunts that you may be interested in participating in. The only thing we ask in return is that you are also proactive in the process. It is not a bother if you message the organizers with questions, we welcome it.

We will also have a blog for information, a list of participating stores, hints and SLURLS for the hunters, and sneak peeks of the hunt gifts.

Each hunt is limited to a specific number of stores, this will generally be between 110 and 150 stores. The spots on the hunt trail are first come, first serve. We will not give preferential treatment to any stores. We apologize for this but it is the only fair way.


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