Hints and SLURLS

5:27 AM Posted by Josephine Winslet

A few notes about the Hunt - If there is no hint next to the number, the store is not ready. Please do not give direct locations to any of the hunt objects, doing so will get you ejected from the group and possibly banned from stores. The designers worked hard to bring you these gifts, please respect that. If you have any issues please contact Josephine Winslet or Gram Breen, not the store owner. Lastly, have fun!

1 Search the mature room for the XXXs you seek.
2 Debra is so soft. How can you not love her?
3 Look straight in front of you!
4 A little bit naughty a little bit lacy.
5 A pillar of society!
6 The red looks nice on the Gold/Black Onyx.
7 Use instore hint giver.
8 Skip.
9 (Female Gift) Hold your pants up. (Male Gift) Are you a sex God?
10 Dont kick me while you do your mending.
11A Join the group in the Gallery
11B The 4th Planet.
12 Behind the glass, but you can't see me.
13 Check the store's hint giver.
14 We dont need no education, but maybe some punishments.....
15 No hint - moves often.
16A These XXX have been enlightened.
16B Dont forget to wash your hands after using the restroom.
**Please note: 16A and 16B are Different locations.**
17 No hint needed.
18 Look for the signs.
19 No Hint - moves often.
20 Naughty XXX Has been sent to the corner.
21 A prime cat sets on the roof here.
22 It's nearly midnight.
23 Check the board for a hint.
24 Ask the guy at the counter.
25 Use instore hint giver.
26 Where the cool winds blow. Up, up.
27 A little more than eyelevel.
28 (Male gift) Size does matter. (Female Gift) May I ASS you a question?
29 Have you been updated?
30 The scent of leather, the touch of velvet, a good place to wait a while.
31 Ooh! A new release! Better grab some info on it.
32 Woman! Bake me a pie!
34 Before you enter, take in the nature and find the XXXs with an extra hint.
35 A last sip of red blood before the sunrise
36 There is more to Dirty Deeds than just a store front....
37 I think Harry Potter took it home.
38 Birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.
39 Planted some xxx's for you!
40 If you need help in a high end department store, where would you go?
41 Climb up and look for a shade of lavender.
42 Take a seat and rest.
43 Shhhh, naptime.
44 Young and CHASTE?
45 Skip
46 Sometimes you have to think inside the box.
47 Is this really for babies or dolls?
48 Skip.
49 I cage myself in when I sleep, dont you?
50 Aw the nekos wanted play time.
51 By the wings of your Guardian Angel.
52 Stone arches and pillars, a perfect fit for a dungeon.
53 Skip
54 Sit, relax and take in the beautiful fountain
55 The dice rolled a three.
56 Dont forget to water me.
57 The center of attention.
58 Diamonds arent the only thing a girl likes.
59 No one here but us XXXs.
60 Take a stroll through the store, you cant miss these naughty XXXs.
61 Check instore Hint board.
62 These rafters are illuminating, watch for the mice in the attic.
63 Do a little dance.
64 I normally have no issue with exhibition but that just hurts my feet.
65 Take a load off.
66 (Male Gift) Guys look best in tight pants. (Female Gift) Every girl needs a good tee shirt.
67 Twisted like a corkscrew.
68 Check the instore hints.
69 Upstairs ~ Look where the girls are "taken"
70 I was framed!
71 Skip.
72 Go up the hill from Dear John's landing and have a chat with the bunny.
73 They say to get down and boogie, but I was thinking of getting up and dancing.
74 The XXX Hunt makes my nipples hard as steel!
75 Be mindful of the edges as you walk.
76 Hidden by the scales.
77 What's new?
78 Cross over into Vexed Latex territory.
79 Skip.
80 (Male Gift) Do you like to be teased? (Female Gift) Every girl has a little prankster in them.
81 Keep your head up.
82 Stairs will help keep you fit.
83 Look Low. X Marks the dark spot.
84 *Sniff sniff* Dude, take care of that smell.
85 Always need more lingerie.
86 Every ROSE has its thorn.
87 This XXX loves the view outside but is afraid to leave the shop.
88 He's a little devil.

Thank You!

9:52 AM Posted by Josephine Winslet

Before the XXX Hunt opens, I would like to take a moment to thank those who have contributed to this Hunt so far. This includes the fabulous designers and store owners, the photographers, the scripters, and my assistant, Gram. Without you guys, there would be no hunt. I appreciate all your kindness and patience with me.

Thanks to...

Aya Kawadias from AYA Studio for the gorgeous photos and logo she did for the Hunt.

Gram Breen, my assistant, for keeping things under control when I cannot get in world. You're a lifesaver!

Elf Juran and Elixir for the AWESOME Outfit (Mini Driver Dress) I'm wearing in the hunt pictures.
A little bit about Elixir - Located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nelson%20bay/201/74/46 Elixir offers Latex, Rubber, Kevlar, Neoprene, Sci Fi, Formal wear, accessories and other exotic clothing for both men and women! Very, very good quality stuff. Definitely worth stopping by and checking out. I apologize now for your wallet hating me, but I feel your pain, I love the store too!

Naku Nishi for Sponsoring Hunts, Inc and helping me with my scripting issues. You have been very supportive in all of this, thank you so much. Naku owns Kabuki Creations located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eternity%20Sands/98/118/33 Very hot animations. Kabuki is also the first store in the hunt, but be sure to look around while you're there and check out his blog.
http://kabukicreations.blogspot.com or the naughtier one http://kabukicreationsadult.blogspot.com/

I hope everyone enjoys the XXX Hunt! And thanks again.


About Hunts, Inc.

9:21 AM Posted by Josephine Winslet

Hunts, Inc. has been created to offer the hunters of Second Life quality prizes and the opportunity to discover stores that they may not have known of before. We are looking for stores carrying various products, from clothing to poses to furniture. We intend to run up to 6 hunts a year, varying in themes and prizes offered.

Our first hunt will be an adult product Hunt. Stores being invited will include products such as furniture, clothing, animations, accessories, anything naughty.

Future hunts will range in theme and participants. Even if one hunt isnt necessarily your cup of tea, so to speak, another may be. Instead of needing to join several hunt groups, all future hunts will be run using Hunts, Inc.’s general groups.

Why participate? Hunts can be a terrific source of traffic for your sim and store. It’s also a great way to draw in future shoppers and bring back past ones. Hunts can also be a great way to draw attention to new lines or product and reach a large number of customers for news about your store.

You, as a vendor, will be provided with as much support as possible. This will come in forms of group notices and notecards detailing what to expect as the hunt draws near as well as information on future hunts that you may be interested in participating in. The only thing we ask in return is that you are also proactive in the process. It is not a bother if you message the organizers with questions, we welcome it.

We will also have a blog for information, a list of participating stores, hints and SLURLS for the hunters, and sneak peeks of the hunt gifts.

Each hunt is limited to a specific number of stores, this will generally be between 110 and 150 stores. The spots on the hunt trail are first come, first serve. We will not give preferential treatment to any stores. We apologize for this but it is the only fair way.

Hunt Application

8:58 AM Posted by Josephine Winslet


Store Name:
Type of Products Offered:
Contact Name:
Alternate Contact: (If the store owner cannot be contacted within 24 hours, who can handle issues?)
Hunt You are applying for:

LM: (please drag a Landmark here)
SLURL: (Please copy and paste the SLURL for your landing point here)

Gift you propose to give away: (You will not be held to this, but we would like an idea if you have one.)

Any other information Organizers need to know:

Please fill out the above information and return to Josephine Winslet in world in the form of a notecard.

Note: By applying, you are stating that you understand placement in the hunt is based on first come first serve. If you apply two weeks before the hunt begins, please dont be surprised if you are store 105 or higher.